Allison & Christopher

May 31, 2024 • St. Jacob's Ontario


Will there be an open bar?
Yes, the bar will be open and all beverages included. However, our venue does not allow shots. The bar will close for 1.5 hours during dinner, but there will be wine on the tables.
Are children invited?
Yes, we love you and your children! We would be happy to have them celebrate with us. Children will be served macaroni and cheese at dinner time.
Will there be a hotel block reserved nearby?
Yes! Please see the details page for more information.
Is there parking available?
All guests are able to park in the St. Jacobs public parking lot overnight for free. It is adjacent to the ceremony space and a four minute walk from the reception venue. Alternatively, we will be providing a shuttle service between the hotel we have reserved and the wedding. Please see the details page for more information.
What is the rain plan?
The ceremony is planned to be outdoors alongside the Grand River. In the case of rain the ceremony will be located at the Timber Barn along with the reception.
How do I use the registry?
Your presence at our wedding is what is most important to us. Should you wish to get us a present, we would greatly appreciate a contribution towards our honeymoon or a gift from our registry. To buy a gift from the registry please click the title of the item you want to purchase. This will bring you to a website where you can purchase it. After it is purchased please click reserve on the registry, on this website, to mark the item as reserved. This will ensure that it is not purchased by more than one party.